Meet Kelli Jennings, RD

Fresh Fit Life is the passion of Kelli Jennings, RD, a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and Owner and President of Apex Nutrition, LLC. She has spent the last twelve years digging deep into clients eating habits, training, and exercise to help them obtain their nutrition, weight, sports, and health goals. She’s worked with thousands of clients, from those trying to lose weight to clients wanting to improve health to pro-level and international competition athletes. She offers “start now” downloadable plans, complete custom nutrition plans and ongoing nutrition coaching.

Kelli is passionate about healthy lifestyles that allow herself, family, and clients to live adventurous, nourished, youthful lives. She is an avid athlete herself (mountain biking, trail running, ski mountaineering, etc.), and has recently come back strong from ACL surgery personally and professionally utilizing many nutrition strategies that have given her pain relief, better physical therapy outcomes, stronger tendons and ligaments, and improved healing. She is a mom-of-4 and loves to help others learn to meal plan and cook for themselves and/or their families using whole-foods efficiently and deliciously. In fact, she believes that success in athletic training and racing relies heavily on a foundation of great everyday nutrition, and teaches her clients to eat a nourishing, energizing everyday diet to accomplish their weight and health goals alongside their performance goals.

But it’s not all boring strict-eating. Kelli doesn’t take herself too seriously, likes to have some fun with eating, nutrition, and sports (because they are fun!), and works hard with clients in a positive, straight-forward manner. She absolutely loves (loves, loves!) to ride her mountain bike on alpine single track and backcountry ski. As a competitive athlete, she’s had top finishes in long-distance mountain bike races including a top 20 overall, 2nd place female finish in the Crested Butte Classic, a first place coed finish as part of Team Leonard Skinners in the 24 hours of Sunlight Rando Race, and a first place finish in the Durango 100K Mountain Bike Race among others. But mostly she’s an adventurer who loves the mountains, whether on bike, skis, or foot; with her husband, fellow adventurers and kids.

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