Hello! I am Kelli Jennings, and I would love to join your journey to a Fresh, Fit Life. An inspired, fit, healthy & adventurous one. Whether your adventure takes you around your own home, town, or to the ends of the Earth, you can live it to the fullest. And, I believe it starts from the inside out, with a healthy body, outlook, spirit, and mind.  We’re talking:

    • Nourished: Real foods that can fit into a real life of busy schedules & realistic budgets

    • Fit: It’s never easy, but you’ll feel great as you build muscle, try new fun workouts, and enjoy working your body

    • Inspired & Motivated: We’ll preach progress, not perfection. Gratitude in each day. Learn to love yourself through the good & the bad, and see your day as an opportunity & adventure.

I am a wife, mother of 4, nutrition & health expert, athlete, and adventurer. This site is dedicated to journeying alongside you, whether man or woman, within a family or single, young and old, towards the healthy, fit, happy life you want. A Fresh, Fit Life.

Start Today!

You’ll see results with my Fit & Strong Nutrition & Fitness Program – from the start! This comprehensive Nutrition & Fitness Program includes:

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Lead you through the entire program

  • An Action Plan to get started NOW!

  • 3-day Smoothie Cleanse Plan for a 100%-Success-Rate Jump Start

  • Full Meal Plan – No Guesswork – Flexible, Detailed, Calorie/Carb Controlled

  • 5 Cycle In-Home Workout

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Education: “What to Eat.”

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  1. Fresh Fit Life Blog: A vibrant, fun, uplifting community dedicated to a healthy, strong, nourished lifestyle.

So, won’t you Join Me?

My Fresh Fit Life Blog is a vibrant, fun, uplifting community dedicated to a healthy, strong, nourished lifestyle.  Each weekday, we provide nutrition and fitness tips, professional recommendations, motivation, recipes, and more to help you mee5 your weight, fitness, and health goals.  No judgement, no guilt, but also no whining.  We know it takes hard work to get fit, and we’re here to help and empower. Get our RSS feed, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.   We preach progress, not perfection. Each day, you’ll be one step closer to your goals!

Download Your Plan

Go beyond the FFL Blog and get your own comprehensive, detailed, “just tell me what to do” meal plan and fitness program! Simply download your Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean Program now and get started immediately.  In Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean, you’ll find a complete, easy, delicious “clean-eating” meal plan, customized to your calorie level, that will promote fat loss and health – guaranteed.  You’ll get a complete, dynamic, fun, “train mean” fitness plan, that works in the comfort of your own home, your gym, or outside, with a combo of high intensity explosive workouts, smart cardio, and resistance training with small weights and body weight.  Your fitness plan will promote fat loss and heatlh – guaranteed.  What’s more, you’ll find science-backed “Metabolism Habit” tips and tricks that will promote fat loss and health – guaranteed. You can begin meeting your goals right NOW.

Customize & Coaching

Want one-on-one help from some of the best in the industry?!? You’ve got it!  You can personally work with Kelli Jennings, Registered Dietitian/Metabolism Expert and Erin Rose Myers, Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert.  Kelli and Erin have helped thousands of clients meet weight, health, and fitness goals. And now, they’ll help you meet yours.  They’ll take your Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean Program and customize it just for you.  You’ll start with an analysis of what you’re already doing, and custom, detailed recommendations for any needed adjustments.  Then, a custom Meal Plan and Fitness plan, designed by Kelli and Erin, just for you.  Next, you’ll work with each of them personally as your Nutrition and Fitness coaches.  Via email, they will provide ongoing communication, recommendations, answers to your questions, plan adjustments, and more.  Jump Start, Bust through Plateaus, and Form Health Habits for Life to meet and maintain your weights, fitness, and health goals.